Travis Cadman

Since embarking on his Real Estate career over 30 years ago Travis has applied his unique knowledge in the areas of land use planning, residential and multifamily construction, acquisition and re-positioning of undervalued distressed assets and finance structuring to become one of the largest private individual Canadian based investors to capitalize on undervalued U.S. Real Estate investments.

In 1998 Travis co-founded a home builder which went on to construct over 2,000 single and multifamily homes. In 2007 he saw trouble ahead in the financial markets that would greatly affect real estate values (and other investment asset classes) in specific markets. After analyzing the various U.S. real estate markets, and more specifically the markets where the most subprime mortgages were consumed, Travis set his sights on Phoenix, Arizona. Travis went on to set up a full acquisition, renovation and property management system that would allow him and his partners to acquire undervalued single family homes, direct from foreclosure auctions and other wholesale channels. He went on to acquire, renovate and manage hundreds of single family homes from 2008 until 2017.

Having the construction background and understanding the underlining fundamentals of multifamily housing, in 2015 Travis created a business plan centered around renovating B and C Class apartment communities in the Southern United States. This repositioning (also know as value-add) allows Travis and his partners to acquire strategically located apartment communities that are in need of capital improvements and by deploying a complete reposition and asset management plan, create forced appreciation through the asset reposition. Travis, with his partners, are currently deploying this business plan Arizona, Nevada and Texas.

On his personal time Travis and his lovely wife Kim enjoy hiking, travelling and spending time with their three children.